Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another Summer Bites the Dust

It's that time again.  The time of year that teachers and parents dread.  You know it's coming because the back to school commercials come back on, Sam Adams Summer Ale is no longer offered, and the emails start coming from principals.  Most teachers spend the first part of summer relaxing thinking that they have all summer to get stuff done for next week, and then are in a panic the week before school starts.  That's where I am now.  The week before madness has begun for me.  Time to finish that summer bucket list, and open up the plan book for another year in 5th grade.  

Head of the Meadow Beach- Cape Cod

 It's this week that makes me look back at my summer.  This summer in particular has not been my favorite.  Just one more thing after another to pay for it seems.  There were a few great times this summer.  Luckily my husband and I were able to escape to my favorite place in the world.  

Every year my husband and I join my parents for a week on the Cape.  We rent the same house, and just take some time to relax.  It is the most amazing feeling ever.  

This year some family friends met us up there.  This is the view of the Pacific ocean from the Highland Light lookout.  


One of my hobbies, other than education, is photography.  I may not be an expert, but it is something that I love.  I always feel like I have such a deeper appreciation for things when I am taking pictures of them.  I found this guy on the beach and could not pass up an opportunity to add him to my photo collection.  

This was an extra special summer for me because I finally have a sister!  My brother in-law married the most amazing person, and I was lucky enough to be asked to share in their special day as a bridesmaid.  I am so happy that a family of mostly boys is adding some more girls.  

My husband celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this year, just days after getting a new sister in-law.  One of the best parts about being a teacher are the gifts we get at the end of the year.  I love how some students put so much thought into getting the gifts, while some just get gift cards.  My husbands class usually gets him a gift card to a really nice restaurant in our area, that we normally wouldn't be able to afford.  

All in all, I guess this summer wasn't as bad as I originally thought.  Looking back on it now, there were some great memories and milestones that will forever be in my heart.  Even though school starts in about a week, I know that this summer will be a fond memory.  

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