Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Send in the Clowns

After a while, things in the classroom can get a little mundane.  Luckily I have a colleague who does not like things that are boring...so she helps me stay young and have fun.  We have a veteran teacher who is like our mentor.  She is the favorite of many of our alums, and knows how to have a good laugh.  My crazy colleague, we will call her Bethany, and I like to make sure she has some good laughs on a regular basis.  Our principal tells us that this veteran teacher, let's call her Olivia, needs this fun once in a while.  Well...we make sure it is more than just once in a while.  

As August rolled around this year Bethany was in the process or sorting out some old things for a big move from PreK to 4th grade.  Her mother was also a teacher and saved all of her old stuff.  I kept telling Bethany to throw things away, but she is super sentimental and wanted to hold on to ALL of those items, including some old tracers that her mom used that were ripped and wrinkled.  While we were sorting through this box of fun, we came across some hand made cut out clowns.  These were priceless, since they were so creepy, and decided to use them for some fun shenanigans.  We immediately thought of Olivia.  

We left these gems around her classroom for her to find when she came in to clean her classroom.  We thought it would be extra funny to put captions with these creepy clowns.  

Quick story about this guy hiding behind the bookshelves.  Olivia really can't stand the song, This Little Light of Mine, so every chance we get, we make sure to include the song somewhere in our shenanigans.  Our music teacher is aware of her hatred for this song, and always apologizes during mass when we have to sing this song.  The kids in the younger grades really love this song, but for those of us that teach the older kids, we end up rolling our eyes and mouthing the words to the song rather than actually singing.  Olivia has promised us that she would leave this friend up for her students to see.  

I thought this one was extra creepy, since he is peeking out from behind the whiteboard.  

Thankfully my coworkers have a sense of humor and can appreciate these antics on a regular basis.  I can't even imagine working in a school where the teachers do not like to have fun.  I'm sure there will be plenty more of these great times this school year.  

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